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First look: River Song in Series 6

May contain spoilers! First look at River Song back in action in Series 6 of Doctor Who. Continue reading

Death of the Doctor Spoilers

Some spoilers for The Sarah Jane Adventures - Death of the Doctor. Continue reading

41 Teasers from Doctor Who Series 6!

41 more tantalising teasers from Doctor Who Series 6! Continue reading

New Series 6 Monsters Leaked

Spoiler warning - Creepy new monsters revealed! Continue reading

Doctor Who in the House

May contain spoilers - Doctor Who filming round-up from Week 2 with some interesting set reports. Continue reading

River’s End?

Potential Series 6 spoilers - A Doctor Who shock in store for River Song? Continue reading

Amy Shock Twist Planned?

Potential spoilers - Steven Moffat's game-changer revealed? Continue reading

Future Doctor Spoilers?

*Potential Spoilers for The Big Bang* Has the future Doctor speculation been right all along? Continue reading

Look Who’s Back!

Major spoilers for the finale. Do not click if you want to remain unspoiled! Continue reading

Pandorica Secrets Revealed?

Have the secrets contained within the Pandorica been revealed? Continue reading

More Pandorica Pics!

Spoilerphobes, steer clear! Contains massive spoilers for the finale. Continue reading

Cold Blood Spoilers

Scaly new spoilers for Cold Blood. Do not read on if you want to be surprised. Continue reading

Series 5 Finale Spoilers

Big spoilers for the final episodes of Series 5. Read at your own risk! Continue reading

Vampires Spoiler

Vampires of Venice spoiler - something fishy is going on... Continue reading

Amy’s Choice Spoilers

Wake up! Spoilery plot details from episode seven, Amy's Choice. Continue reading