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Idris Spoilers

May contain spoilers: The identity of Idris revealed? Continue reading

River Song is…

(Update #2) Contains spoilers: Has the identity of River Song been revealed? Continue reading

The Impossible Astronaut Spoilers

Contains big spoilers for the Series 6 opener. Continue reading

Trouble in Paradox?

Contains spoilers: is the TARDIS trio heading for a breakup in Series 6? Continue reading

Who’s a Bootiful Pirate

Contains spoilers: Lots more filming from Series 6 including pirate Pond in costume. Continue reading

Pirate Pond

Contains spoilers: Gillan shows off her sword skills in first look at filming from episode 3 of Series 6. Continue reading

Cybermen Return in Series 6

Contains spoilers: Cybermen will be back in Series 6 of Doctor Who. Continue reading

Doctor Who: Series 6 Monsters

May contain spoilers: A look at what monsters are appearing in Series 6 of Doctor Who. Continue reading

Who’s Back in the Stormcage

Contains spoilers: Some details on the seventh episode of Series 6 with a surprise character spotted. Continue reading

Sontarans Return in Doctor Who Series 6

Contains spoilers! The potato heads back in Series 6 of Doctor Who. Continue reading

Doctor Who Series 6 Trailer Details

Contains spoilers: Details of the upcoming trailer for Doctor Who Series 6! Continue reading

A Christmas Engagement

Contains spoilers from Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol. Continue reading

Cowboy hats are cool?

May contain spoilers. We all know fezzes are cool, but what about cowboy hats? Continue reading

Christmas Carol Teasers

A few episode teasers for the Doctor Who Christmas Special - A Christmas Carol. Continue reading

Gaiman Goes Back to the Void

May contain spoilers: Neil Gaiman reveals more details on his episode of Doctor Who. Continue reading