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Series 8

Series 8 Sonic Devices for Paternoster Gang Revealed

The winners of Blue Peter's Series 8 competition. Continue reading

Peter Capaldi Readies for Series 8

A new era of Doctor Who is coming... Continue reading

Moffat: Capaldi Will Win Over Smith Diehards

"People won’t just be miserable that they’re missing Matt." Continue reading

Peter Jackson Directed Episode Under Discussion

The Hobbit director hopeful for New Zealand set Doctor Who story. Continue reading

Capaldi Series 8 Costume Hints

Peter Capaldi's costume described as a “bit old fashioned, but looking to the future as well." Continue reading

Moffat reaffirms no split for Series 8

Peter Capaldi's debut series will be a continuous run beginning Autumn 2014. Continue reading

Capaldi: “I’m 1,995 years too young for the part”

"I think he's going to be quite happy to look his age at last!" Continue reading

New companion joining Clara and Capaldi in Series 8?

Could Tristan Beint be joining Capaldi's Doctor and Clara next year? Continue reading

Moffat on McGann Spin-off & Future Minisodes

"You can count on us doing something like Night again, but we won't tell you when!" Continue reading

Capaldi’s Doctor is a Snarling Beast

"He's going to give us a whole new kind of Doctor." Continue reading

Gaiman on Doctor Numbering

Writer Neil Gaiman shares his opinion on the Doctor numbering. Continue reading

Moffat on Doctor’s Search for Gallifrey

"He can find Gallifrey - but it might take him a while" Continue reading

Jemma Redgrave on 50th, Series 8

Jemma Redgrave on reprising her role as Kate Stewart and the character's future. Continue reading

Blue Peter Series 8 Competition Details

Further details on Blue Peter's Series 8 competition. Continue reading

Series 8: “At least” 13 episodes in 2014

Steven Moffat commits to a full series for Peter Capaldi's debut run next year. Continue reading