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Series 8

Watch the Deep Breath Cinema “Prequel”

Watch the cinema intro to Deep Breath featuring the Paternoster gang. Continue reading

Deep Breath Review

Clint Hassell gives his verdict on Peter Capaldi's debut. Continue reading

Into the Dalek Promo Pics

Gallery of promo pics from this Saturday's episode. Continue reading

Next Time: Into The Dalek

UPDATED: TV teaser added. Continue reading

Series 8: Today Teaser

Watch the final teaser. Continue reading

Deep Breath 12 Hints & Teasers

12 hours left, 12 teasers. Continue reading

Deep Breath Spoiler-Free Review

Doctor Who TV's spoiler-free verdict on Capaldi's debut. Continue reading

Moffat Teases “Major Foe” For Series 8

Steven Moffat has teased that a "major foe" will be back in Series 8. Continue reading

Doctor Who Crash Lands in Parliament Square

To promote the launch of Series 8. Continue reading

Series 8: 1 Day Teaser

Watch the latest teaser. Continue reading

Deep Breath Clip

Watch a clip for the opener. Continue reading

Moffat on Death: “There are dark times ahead”

"I thought in our new, scary universe we’d make sure we off some people." Continue reading

Series 8: 2 Days Teaser

Watch the latest teaser. Continue reading

Details on Series 8’s First Four Episodes

New synopsis and details on Deep Breath, Into the Dalek, Robot of Sherwood and Listen. Continue reading

Into The Dalek BBC Synopsis

UPDATE: Time confirmed for 7.30pm to 8.15pm on BBC One. Continue reading