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Series 8

Stanley Parable Narrator Cast in Doctor Who

Kevan Brighting will be lending his vocal talents to Doctor Who. Continue reading

Doctor Who World Tour To Promote Series 8

Capaldi & Coleman are going on a world tour to promote Series 8 this August. Continue reading

Series 8 Filming: Tunnel Vision

UPDATED: Spoilerphobes read at your own risk. Continue reading

Two-Part Finale for Series 8

UPDATED: Talalay talks about her two episodes which are the 11th & 12th of the run. Continue reading

Foxes Cast in Series 8

British singer-songwriter Foxes will perform a track and appear in an episode. Continue reading

Series 8 Confirmed for August, First Teaser Trailer

The new Doctor lands this August. Continue reading

Another New Companion for Series 8?

UPDATE: Name revealed? Plus filming pic of the character. Continue reading

Series 8 Filming: Spaceman

Spoilerphobes read at your own risk. Continue reading

Frank Skinner Cast in Series 8

The comedian will appear in Jamie Mathieson's episode. Continue reading

Rachel Talalay Directing Series 8

The American director is helming two episodes of Doctor Who. Continue reading

Series 8 Filming: Volcano Day

Filming location in Lanzarote might offer some intriguing hints on the story. Continue reading

Moffat: Handsome Actors don’t suit the Doctor

UPDATE: Plus Moffat says the flirting is over. Continue reading

Series 8 Filming in Lanzarote, Hermione Norris Cast

Moffat: "The Doctor is returning to the scene of an old adventure". Continue reading

Capaldi on Track to Be “One of the best Doctors ever”

New report offers some hints on Peter Capaldi's Doctor & Clara. Continue reading

Smith Jealous of Capaldi and Series 8

"I rang Steven Moffat up the other day and found out everything..." Continue reading