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Series 8

Gatiss: Capaldi Changes Everything, Brings New Rules

"You can have a lot of fun playing with people's expectations." Continue reading

Series 8: Episode 4 & 5 Writers Confirmed

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS writer joins Steven Moffat. Continue reading

Capaldi: Matt Smith told me to look after Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi tells how Matt Smith handed over the keys of the TARDIS to reassure fan. Continue reading

Series 8 Filming: A Night Out

Mild spoilers. Continue reading

Series 8: Meet Danny Pink

Samuel Anderson joins the cast of Doctor Who as new recurring character. Continue reading

Another new Director for Series 8

Paul Wilmshurst to helm Doctor Who. Continue reading

Daleks Series 8 Rumours

Report claims "Peter Capaldi will fulfil a lifelong dream" by facing Daleks in his debut run. Continue reading

Series 8: A Returning Character & Monster

Spoilerphobes read with caution. Continue reading

Summer Broadcast for Doctor Who Series 8?

Earlier than expected airing for Series 8? Continue reading

Matt Smith Doesn’t Want to see River with Capaldi

"Don't give him River!" Continue reading

Steven Moffat on his Doctor Who Future

"Eventually, I’ll stop doing Doctor Who." Continue reading

John Hurt on Doctor Who Return

"You're asking me to answer something which I can't answer." Continue reading

Series 8 Will Be Darker, More like Classic Who

Director Ben Wheatley promises a darker tone for the new Doctor. Continue reading

Series 8 Filming: A Peek at a Villain

Spoilerphobes avoid. Continue reading

Series 8: A Voice from the Past

Spoilerphobes avoid. Continue reading