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Asylum of the Daleks

EW Features Two Returning Monsters

The Daleks and Cybermen are back in special cover feature for EW. Continue reading

Doctor Who Series 7 2012-13: What We Know

NOVEMBER UPDATE: Everything we know about Series 7 so far. Continue reading

Series 7 Doctor Who Title Changes

UPDATED: The latest Doctor Who title. Continue reading

Your Verdict on Asylum of the Daleks

Results of last week's polls, including your best opener and best Dalek story. Continue reading

2nd Opinion: Asylum of the Daleks

John Hussey and Adam James Cuthbert each give their own take on the Series 7 opener. Continue reading

Asylum of the Daleks Review

Clint Hassell reviews the Doctor Who Series 7 opener. Continue reading

Development of the Daleks

Guest contributor JR Wood examines how the Daleks have changed from their beginnings all the way to the Asylum. Continue reading

The Other Asylum of the Daleks Prequel

UPDATE: Full video added. Another Asylum of the Daleks "prequel" released on iTunes. Continue reading

Rate Asylum of the Daleks

Rate and discuss Asylum of the Daleks. Continue reading

Watch Asylum of the Daleks New Titles

Watch the new title sequence. Continue reading

Behind-the-Scenes: Asylum of the Daleks

Behind-the-Scenes look at Asylum of the Daleks. Continue reading

2 Asylum of the Daleks Clips (The One Show)

UPDATED: Watch two Asylum of the Daleks clips. Plus Karen Gillan interview and Nick Briggs prank. Continue reading

Series 7 Title Sequence Changes Detailed

UPDATE: A detailed description of the opening sequence changes. Continue reading

Asylum of the Daleks Pics from ABC TV

15 more pics for Asylum of the Daleks. Continue reading

Doctor Who Insider: “Farewell to the Ponds”

Video feature looking at the upcoming departure of Amy & Rory. Continue reading