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50th anniversary

Watch 50th Mini Episode: The Night Of The Doctor

The 50th anniversary minisode is available to watch online now! Continue reading

The Science of Doctor Who Review

Patrick Kavanagh-Sproull gives a spoiler-free verdict on BBC2's special 50th anniversary programme. Continue reading

An Adventure in Space and Time: Surprise Cameo Revealed

Spoilerphobes steer clear. Continue reading

Tennant Talks Time War

And promises a "seismic shift" in the Doctor’s story. Continue reading

50th Minisode: The Night of the Doctor Pic

First image from the 50th anniversary minisode. Continue reading

The Day of the Doctor: Cast & Episode Pics

Over 30 images from the 50th anniversary special, Continue reading

An Adventure in Space and Time: Lots More Pics

Lots more images from the 50th Anniversary docu-drama. Continue reading

Moffat Promises Dark & Redefining 50th

Plus he talks about his own future on the show. Continue reading

The Day of the Doctor Radio Trailer

BBC's radio trailer for the 50th anniversary special. Continue reading

50th Anniversary BBC Ident Interruption #2

It's all been leading to this... Continue reading

Daleks to Invade Buckingham Palace

To celebrate 50th anniversary the Daleks will invade Buckingham Palace for special reception. Continue reading

Who’s in The Day of the Doctor?

Surprises still in store? Continue reading

Blue Peter Series 8 Competition Details

Further details on Blue Peter's Series 8 competition. Continue reading

The Day of the Doctor Pics: Rose, Clara & Doctors

Promo pics featuring a full look at Rose, Clara, and the Doctors in a spot of bother. Continue reading

The Day of the Doctor Trailer Breakdown

An in-depth look at the 50th anniversary trailers for The Day of the Doctor. Continue reading