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The Time of the Doctor

Smith Prepares for Final Episode Filming

Filming on the Christmas special begins Sunday, with the read through taking place today. Continue reading

Is Smith wearing a wig this Xmas? Or has he already left?

UPDATE: Matt's Smith shaves his head again despite Xmas filming starting shortly Continue reading

A Christmas Monster Revealed?

Has a returning monster for this year's Christmas special been revealed? Continue reading

What Does Russell T Davies think of Peter Capaldi’s Casting?

Is Steven Moffat's predecessor happy with Peter Capaldi's casting? Continue reading

Moffat Will Tie Up 11th Doctor Loose Ends

"Most of the questions that people ask will be answered..." Continue reading

Smith’s Hairbrained Idea for his Final Episode

How to solve a problem like Matt Smith's hair. Continue reading

Official: Peter Capaldi is the 12th Doctor

Official Peter Capaldi is the Doctor! Continue reading

Moffat talks Valeyard, River’s Future & Closure

Steven Moffat promises to wrap up some loose ends this Christmas. Continue reading

Eleven on a return trip to Trenzalore

For Matt Smith's final story. Continue reading

Smith on his “Final Hour”, Hurt Revelations, 12th Doctor

Matt Smith interviewed at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. Continue reading

Rory Kinnear Denies Doctor Who Rumours

"It's a programme I've never watched." Continue reading

Moffat: “I’m sure I’ll work with Matt again”

"I will never forget a moment of it - me and my mate Matt, making Doctor Who." Continue reading

Matt Smith Thanks Fans for Support

Matt Smith's special video message thanking fans for their support over the years. Continue reading

Today’s 12th Doctor Candidates are…

Julian Rhind-Tutt, Burn Gorman, Emun Elliott and Richard Coyle. Continue reading

Arthur Darvill Wants Older 12th Doctor

Arthur Darvill says he wasn't shocked by Matt's exit and gives his thoughts on 12th Doctor. Continue reading