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The Time of the Doctor

Regeneration Limit Spoilers

"Whovians won't believe their eyes at Christmas." Continue reading

Christmas 2013 First Look

Sneak peek image from Xmas special. Continue reading

Moffat on Tom Baker & Capaldi Surprise

"To have the longest-standing Doctor make an appearance, that’s irresistible." Continue reading

Moffat on Doctor Numbering (Again)

"Smith's Doctor is in his 12th body but he's the 11th Doctor" Continue reading

Christmas Special: Orla Brady Role Revealed

Brady playing someone from the Doctor's past. Continue reading

Christmas 2013 Teaser Trailer

This Christmas... Silence will fall! Continue reading

McGann & Colin Baker on Minisode, Regeneration Limit

Paul McGann and Colin Baker talk The Night of the Doctor, the regeneration limit and more. Continue reading

Matt’s final performance is contender for best ever

"Matt's performance is mind-blowingly good." Continue reading

Coleman on Smith’s Sad Regeneration

"I was an absolute mess, an absolute wreck." Continue reading

Moffat on Smith’s Regeneration

"It's utterly bonkers!" Continue reading

Farewell Matt! Christmas Filming Wraps

UPDATE: Matt Smith has filmed his final scenes. Continue reading

Alex Kingston Hints At River Return

Spoilers sweetie. Continue reading

Did Moffat drop some hints on Smith’s final episode?

Steven Moffat may have dropped some interesting hints on Matt's final episode. Continue reading

Moffat: It’s hard to let go of Smith

"You think 'oh my God that's what we're losing'." Continue reading

First Xmas Filming Pics: Smith in the Wig

First look at pics from Christmas filming with Matt and Jenna. Continue reading