Steven Moffat’s 50th Anniversary Hell

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moff-hWith Steven Moffat currently working on both Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary and Sherlock Series 3, it sounds like he’s having a tough time juggling the two.

In a recent interview with Radio Times he’s asked what his working day is like at the moment, and his reply: “Hell.”

But he later adds: “It’s hell in a lovely way because I’m working on my two favourite shows – Doctor Who and Sherlock. Not a completely unbiased choice, but it is very difficult.

“There’s a lot to do. I’m a bit anxious and scared about getting the Doctor Who 50th wrong – but I think it’s going well.”

Asked where he’s at with the 50th script, his guarded response: “I’m in a place… there’s a place and i’m in it…”