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Starkey on Strax Survival


Dan Starkey has confirmed that Sontaran Strax’s somewhat surprising re-appearance in The Snowmen will be explained.

Strax, as many of you will remember, met his end in A Good Man Goes to War last year. Some fans had put it down to Steven Moffat’s trademark “timey-wimey” storylines, but Starkey says they’ll be a twist.

“That is… addressed,” Starkey told DWM. “There will be a little Easter Egg thing about that. We recorded a scene between Jenny, Vastra and Strax set two days after the Battle of Demons Run, before they’re taken back to their time zones. I don’t know if it’s going to be a preview online, or a DVD extra or what, but it’s a lovely little scene.”

He adds: “Inevitably, when it came out that Strax was returning in the Christmas Special, I was getting a lot of people tweeting me, ‘But you’re dead! Why are you alive?’ I’d tweet back: ‘At much as i’d like to answer that, I really can’t. No comment.’ It’s not bring standoffish, I want people to enjoy it as Steven Moffat intended. And I want to keep my job.”


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