Spider-Man Praises Doctor Who

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Before Andrew Garfield was battling the Lizard in “The Amazing Spider-Man,” he was up against the Daleks in Doctor Who. He guest starred in the Daleks in Manhattan two-parter back in 2007.

Garfield has not forgotten his appearance on the show and is very happy to be a part of the legacy.

In an interview on BBC Radio 5 live, he said: “The history of Doctor Who and the heritage and legacy of Doctor Who is huge.

“It was an honour to be a part of that show, absolutely. And I’m so happy that everyone is now seeing Matt Smith for the incredible actor and Doctor that he is.”

“I am so proud and happy for [Matt],” he added. “He… is being put to fantastic use, and giving so many people so much joy, God bless him. I’m honoured to be a part of that legacy.”