Specials Soundtrack Shifts

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Those of you eagerly anticipating the release of Doctor Who: The Specials Soundtrack will have to wait just a little longer.

Silva Screen have announced that the release date has now shifted a couple of weeks later to October 4th 2010.

Composer Murray Gold also commented about the release on Silva Screen’s blog, “This collection is a bit different to the previous releases on Silva Screen. It’s a double CD, of course, and the tracks are drawn from four stories. Previously a single episode has had, at most, three tracks. This time, we linger somewhat longer, and there’s perhaps more a sense of passage through the stories. In some ways, it’s a more conventional soundtrack, with less zipping about through styles. We could have compressed everything onto a single disc, but Silva Screen offered to put out a double. It seemed the better route.”

The special 2-disc collection features 47 tracks in total. For the complete tracklisting click here.

Thanks to Stephanos.