Sontarans Return in Doctor Who Series 6

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Filming pictures from last week’s Doctor Who shoot have revealed that The Sontarans will be back in Series 6!

A lone Sontaran trooper was caught standing outside near the TARDIS.

It is currently thought that this is a scene from episode 7, however, there may have been some filming overlap with episodes 5 and 6 (The Rebel Flesh / Gangers). An appearance there would certainly seem more likely and fits in with the cloning storyline of those episodes.

It is unclear what role the Sontarans are playing. Could this just be a cameo or do they have a bigger part to play? With River Song and the Silence having a heavy story focus this year, it seems odd that the old potato heads would be the only enemy in episode 7, if indeed this is from episode 7.

This news is certainly surprising, so what do you think about the Sontarans being back?