Sneak Peek of the Ice Warriors in Series 7!

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Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed in the just released Series 7 picture that we now have our first decent glimpse of the Ice Warriors in their upcoming episode!

We’ve extracted the pic at its highest resolution to give the closest look we can get. As you can see it’s remarkably faithful to the look they had in the classic era.



The monsters are confirmed to be back in Mark Gatiss’ submarine under-siege episode, which is the third to air in the second half.

UPDATE: As for the other monsters: below, from the opener we have the “Spoonheads.” Filming revealed that these are little robots that the Doctor ends up investigating.


The monster below doesn’t have name that we know yet, but it looks like the one from the alien planet episode.


Again the one below could also be from the alien planet episode.


It is believed these are from Mark Gatiss other episode, The Crimson Horror.


And of course the Cybermen…