Smith’s Wheely Strange Series 7 Hint

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We all know by now that the Doctor Who cast and crew are extremely tight-lipped in interviews, fearful of letting a spoiler out (and facing Moffat’s wrath no doubt). However, that doesn’t stop them from dropping a few hints and Matt Smith has obliged with possibly his strangest one yet.

Speaking on Radio 2 this week he had this to say on next year’s opener: “There’s some brilliant ideas in it. There’s a moment in it that involves wheels and when you watch it you’ll go ‘ah!’ It’s [Moffat] being brilliant… It involves two wheels, perhaps bicycles.”

Of course, it seems likely that this relates to the London scenes filmed last month.

Less stranger, Matt also spoke about the Xmas Special: “It’s set in Victorian England. We meet a Doctor who has been profoundly changed by the experiences before him, from losing the Ponds, and into his life walks Jenna-Louise Coleman’s character and off they go on new adventures.”

If you missed it, hear the full interview in the player below.