Smith’s Clue on Pond Exit, 50th Wish List

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Matt Smith has been speaking about the Ponds departure and offered a small hint. He reiterated that there’s something in The Eleventh Hour that gives a clue on how they leave.

Smith explained to Collider: “Rory has already died five times. We have Steven [Moffat], who’s a total genius. If you go back and revisit The Eleventh Hour and study it closely, that’s all I will say.

He added: “It’s been three years, and we really had to stick together throughout it. Coming into the show, people were going, “Who’s this young kid? What’s Steven Moffat going to do with it? What are they all going to do together?” We had to really stick together and come through a period of people going, “This isn’t going to work.” Hopefully, we’ve reinvented it, in a way that has worked.

“For me, personally, they are my favorite companions. I just think they’ve been brilliant. And I think the stories and the way it’s interwoven has been so clever. Just the central idea of the Doctor visiting her, as a little girl, and screwing her up is just genius.”

Smith also gave his thoughts on which Doctors he’d like to see back for the 50th anniversary: “Just for the event of it, it would have to be David [Tennant] and Chris [Eccleston]. Could you imagine? It would be brilliant, wouldn’t it? But, I don’t know how easy it is to make that happen. People have other careers. You move on from the show. So, I don’t know. But, whatever we do for the 50th, we will make it as big an event, and as wide and far-reaching an event, as possible. No doubt, we will be back at Comic-Con again next year, promoting the ass out of it.”