Smith Would Whoop The Master

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Just recently John Simm spoke about returning to the role of the Master. Matt Smith has also stated he would like to battle the Doctor’s archenemy in a future episode.

Speaking to Red Carpet, Smith gave some further thoughts on the matter: “It would be interesting, I’d quite like to face the Master and whoop his ass! I don’t know what but I know that Steven will come up with something brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!”

Smith was a little conflicted this time on whether he’d prefer to face a new Master or John Simm: “It’s a tough one that because John was so brilliant, I like him and he’s such great actor. I don’t know though, it’s sort of exciting to think there could be a new Master out there sniffing around somewhere.”

Either way, we haven’t seen the Master since The End of Time and with the 50th anniversary around the corner surely an appearance isn’t too far off?