Smith Wanted TARDIS Space Safari

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series-7-part-2-coming-soon-trailer-(3)Although we’ll get to see the TARDIS library and the swimming pool in upcoming Series 7 episode Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, we won’t get to see the Doctor’s bedroom.

Matt Smith said: “I really wanted to see the Doctor’s bedroom and didn’t. Wouldn’t that be great? I thought he would have a space safari park in there as well, where he’s collated mad animals throughout the universe who sort of just hang around.”

He added: “What’s really exciting about that episode is that it’s not all walls and corridors, there’s different parts to the TARDIS.”

Matt Smith also promised “a great new monster that will be on par with the Angels,” in terms of scare factor. He doesn’t say what episode it’s from. Could it be the one in the pic below?