Smith “Very excited” for Series 7

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The Guardian has published a new video interview with a certain Matt Smith. The majority of the chat is about the theatre, but he gave a couple of small hints on Series 7 of Doctor Who.

“I start filming Doctor Who on 20th February and I’m very excited. It’s a long shoot but we’ve got four or five scripts which look in really good shape,” he said.

“The casting is going very well. I got a lovely bit of news this morning about someone who’s going to be in it. I couldn’t possibly tell you but it’s exciting. You’ll know him… Or her.”

Speaking about filming in the cold: “In one of the scripts, a lot of it is outdoors. But there are worst ways to spend your evenings than being the Doctor and having monsters run down streets that there shouldn’t be monsters on.”

See it in the video below. The Doctor Who chat begins around 05:55.