Smith Revs Up for Top Gear

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Reminder, Matt Smith is a guest on Top Gear tonight at 8pm on BBC2!

He will be competing against both David Tennant and Christopher Ecceleston for best track time on Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.

Doctor Who TV reader, David Brookes was in attendance during filming and sent in a report:

Decked out in his standard hipster gear, this time a denim shirt, Matt Smith as predicted, walked on stage with his standard two handed ‘V’ signs.

Several things were discussed including football and his other TV roles since he started on Doctor Who.

In traditional Top Gear style, a lot of jokes will be edited out. Bleeping can be used, but some were still a bit too much for the show and would not be suitable for 8pm viewing when they know kids will be watching.

He spoke for quite a while about Doctor Who, upcoming filming and his experiences with fans such as those at San Diego Comic Con and a young girl outside his house when he returned home one day.

Watch out for a corner on the track that kept giving him difficulties! Has he done enough to beat the Ninth and Tenth Doctors times? Make sure you watch and find out!


Video of Christopher Ecceleston’s appearance from 2005 (Lap time -- 1:52.4):

David Tennant from 2007 (Lap time -- 1:48.8):