Smith on Flying the TARDIS with Tennant, Hurt

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tennant-smithMatt Smith has spoken about the first scene he filmed on the 50th anniversary special with David Tennant and John Hurt.

Smith told Vulture: “Our first scene was on the TARDIS! It was me, David, and John [Hurt] actually, and we were flying the TARDIS. I remember saying to Dave, “Dave, I don’t want to hog all the flying duties.” Literally, you have those conversations. Seriously, I went, “Do you want to fly it for a bit?” We all flew it. He flies his. That trailer [that debuted at Comic-Con] was fun. That got ’em going. You know what’s cool? No one put it online.”

Smith also echoed Moffat’s thoughts when asked how Eleven gets on with Rose and Ten:

“Well first, [Billie Piper, who plays Rose] is a great friend of mine anyway. We’ve worked together and I’m very fond of her. She’s wonderful. But yeah, bizarrely, if you look at previous Doctor Who stories, they tend to be quite grouchy with each other, but I think Ten and Eleven actually like each other. David and I do in real life as well, and our Doctors are quite collaborative.”