Smith: It’s “Game Over” for Ponds

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Past new Who companions have had a habit of coming back after leaving, but Matt Smith has promised that it really is “game over” for Amy and Rory in The Angels Take Manhattan.

Speaking in the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, he said: “They ain’t coming back. At least, that’s what Steven says. That’s it. Game over.

“That good, though. I kind of like that Steven has said that. Otherwise… the bringing back of people is difficult. It has to be for really great reasons.”

He added: “What Steven has written in this Angels episode is perfect. You know, there’s something that harks back to The Eleventh Hour, that Steven had thought of about two-and-a-half years ago! Isn’t that remarkable, that it’s been in Steven’s head for that long?

“Like there was a moment in Asylum of the Daleks which I just think is great, it’s one of those ‘What does that mean?’ moments. It’s when Oswin looks to camera and says, ‘Remember me’. The fans are now going, ‘What?! Remember what?’ That’s why it’s important to keep things a secret, because the revelation is the fun bit of sitting down and watching it. With Amy this whole idea of the girl who waited… Steven writes the romance of the show so brilliantly and he understands it. I don’t mean just the Amy/Rory romance, I mean the romance, the theatrical romance “