Smith Hints on Doctor Who Future

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Matt Smith has been speaking about his future on Doctor Who in several interviews of late and while we’re no closer to a definitive answer, there are some interesting hints.

First, unsurprisingly, it doesn’t sound like he’ll be beating Tom Baker’s seven year record.

“I don’t know if you’d get away with doing it for 7 years,” he said on Radio 2. “You probably could but you’d be pretty knackered. It’s a tough shoot.

“It’s such an extraordinary commitment in terms of time and energy.”

Smith gave some further clues at the DVD Q&A session last month when he was asked whether he would follow the same pattern as David Tennant. He simply replied, “No.” Asked instead if he was in it for the long haul: “I don’t know. We’ll see.”

In the Guardian earlier this month, Smith was quizzed on the matter again: “It depends on your physical and mental state at the end of every shoot. I’m quite excited by the coming year – it’s the 50th anniversary, which’ll let us be even bigger and bolder than ever.”

He told Marie Claire magazine: “It’s the greatest job on the planet and constantly allows for invention and ridiculousness. Any actor worth his salt can reinvent himself. In 10 years time I’ll be playing very different parts.”

Adding: “[I’m taking it] year by year because of the gruelling schedule. I do think playing The Doctor ages you.”