Smith & Gillan Comic Con ’11 Vids

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Ahead of their Comic Con panel later today in San Diego, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan have participated in several interviews with US media.

First up, from Wired: Smith and Gillan talk about the Doctor and Amy’s relationship; Comic-Con; The Silence; their favourite monster and episode; a returning monster in Let’s Kill Hitler, how episode 10 is “trippy”; and describe episode 13 as “mad and sprawling” with the “biggest twist you could ever imagine”.

Next from Entertainment Weekly, the pair talk about Comic Con fans, Doctor Who next year, and Karen reveals she is a Trekky.

G4 chat about the upcoming episodes, what it’s like being the 11th Doctor, the Comic Con preview, and the difference between British and American sci-fi fans.

And finally, Matt Smith talks to CNN about his love of American fans and the bow-tie.

Don’t forget, a preview of the second half of Series 6 will be released tonight at around 9.30pm British time!