Smith Drops Let’s Kill Hitler Hints

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Matt Smith and Karen Gillan have dropped a few hints on what’s to come in the second half of Doctor Who’s sixth series.

Speaking at this year’s Comic Con, Matt revealed that Let’s Kill Hitler is his favourite episode so far: “Steven [Moffat] is in fine form, and there’s a great monster, which is important.”

He also spoke about River Song: “I thought [she had] a good payoff…Going into the next part of the series, there’s some real good River/Doctor stuff [coming up].”

Karen Gillan echoed that, as she explained to the official website: “We have a lot to look forward to between now and the end of the series!” she revealed. “So much! So many explanations to come… We’re going to learn a lot more about River Song… and we get to see possibly the biggest twist so far!”

More twists?!