Smith: Daleks will Scare in Series 7

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It’s fair to say that some fans felt the Daleks had lost their fear factor when they received their multicoloured makeover for the 11th Doctor’s first encounter with them in Victory of the Daleks.

Speaking to SFX, Matt Smith has promised they will bring back the scare in the Series 7 opener: “We’ve made the Daleks scary again in a way that perhaps we didn’t achieve in my first season and that’s really exciting.”

Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan agreed: “They’re really, really scary in [Asylum of the Daleks]. Really genuinely scary. It’s such a great episode.”

Karen and Arthur discuss Amy and Rory’s last episode:

Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner are also interviewed and they talk about how Amy and Rory rejoin the Doctor, the new companion, smaller plot arcs, the 50th and why the Weeping Angels are in New York.