Site Update: 3 February 2014

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cybermite-2013-nightmareDon’t worry Cybermites haven’t really taken over! We think… So what has happened then? After consideration and a successful test run in our discussion areas Doctor Who TV has decided to regenerate the comment system across the site.

Why? From 2009 the site used Disqus and everyone was generally very happy with it. This was until last year when Disqus forced all sites to upgrade to the latest version. This version introduced some unwanted features that we have found has damaged the quality of discussion since.

The biggest offender is the downvote system. We believe in allowing readers to express their opinions whether they be positive or negative (provided it is within comment guidelines). However, the downvote has actually discouraged quality debate. Arguments tend to break out over why a person received a downvote and it’s also become a tool for trolls. Worse is that Disqus does not allow you to remove this and have shown that they are unwilling to work with sites to make this optional.

Therefore the site will now be using LiveFyre, which resembles how Disqus worked before the changeover.


How do I comment now?

There are several ways, but perhaps the easiest is to create a LiveFyre account, you can do so here. You can also use your existing Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and OpenID.

What happens to my old comments and likes?

You will not be able to view your comments on Doctor Who TV at the moment (we are working on restoring it for archived posts). Everything still exists on the Disqus servers and those profiles will continue to work on other sites.

Can I not import/merge my old comments?

Unfortunately not. This is a clean start for everyone.

Help! My email is getting clogged up with notifications now.

Edit your Livefyre profile if you’d prefer to lessen or eliminate comment notifications entirely. You can control that here.