Simm on Bringing Back The Master

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A couple of weeks back we had Steven Moffat’s thoughts on the Master returning. Yesterday, during an interview on The One Show, the question was put to the Master himself, John Simm.

Simm responded: “I would definitely consider it, yes. It was such fun to do.”

Simm was also enthusiastic about the idea in this recent review from Life of Wylie, where he said:

“I’m sure I could but no-one’s mentioned it. Steven Moffat is a brilliant writer and it would be nice to see what he does with The Master. Maybe they’d want him to regenerate into somebody much younger. Somebody from Skins or something like that. Or a woman. And what would be wrong with that?

“They can do whatever they want with The Master. You’re at their mercy. But I’d seriously consider it if they asked me. I’d love to have a go at Matt Smith because I think he’s really great.”

So with Simm interested, surely it’s just a matter of time before Moffat brings him back…