Should the Doctor’s Name Be Revealed?

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Will Moffat really divulge the Doctor’s name and should he? Guest contributor Noah Fischel doesn’t think so.

With the title of the Series 7 finale released, everyone is either on one of two sides:

1) Hooray! We’ve been waiting 50 years to figure out what his name is!
2) NO! It will ruin the show!

I, for one, am on the second side of this argument. I don’t feel that “The Name of the Doctor” should be revealed.

Since its start in 1963, the Doctor’s identity has been a secret from everyone. Including the viewer. One of the first lines in the show was even a question about his identity. However, he’s kept it a mystery to everyone, and for good reason.

According to the Silence, and even the Doctor himself, “Doctor who?” is the most dangerous question in the universe. However, it’s been uttered by many people over the course of his adventures. It should be noted, though, that it won’t become the most dangerous question until it is asked at the certain time and place: Trenzalore, at the Fall of the Eleventh. And seeing by the nature of which the BBC and Moffat himself are promoting the Series 7 finale, that time and place is coming fast.

“But Noah,” you ask, “how would that ruin the show?”
Because, my friend, it will destroy the air of mystery surrounding the show!


Why do most people travel with the Doctor? Because they know almost nothing about him. That causes them to idolize this man that only calls himself “The Doctor” and want him to take them to strange new worlds, all while trying to learn who this man really is. I mean, the Doctor already relays almost everything about himself right from the start to his companions. “Here’s my TARDIS. I’m an alien. I travel in time. I’m 1000 years old.” But his name is what keeps them guessing, wondering what the real identity of this zany alien being is.

Do I think ‘the Moff’ will divulge the Doctor’s true identity? Of course not. Knowing him and his writing style, he’s going to give us the old “Moffat fake-out” and give us his twist ending “knew it all along” plot line. But, building up to this sort of “grandiose” plot line has done wonders for the ratings and popularity of the show. Even here in America (where I thought I was one of the very few people that watched Doctor Who), people are watching it more and more.

Sadly, I’m not writing the show (I’d be making more money writing episodes than writing these), and it’s not up to me over what is or isn’t revealed. I know Moffat will try to do his best to keep up the guessing and the mystery. Though some of you may not agree, I trust in his writing and whether we keep the mystery of the Doctor’s name, or we find out it’s the Gallifreyan translation of John Smith, I will keep watching, because the Doctor will always be the greatest mystery in the universe.