Sherlock: The Blind Banker

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If you missed the first episode of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’s excellent Sherlock last week, we suggest you head over to the BBC iPlayer and catch up now. It’s definitely worth a look. For those that did watch, episode two, The Blind Banker, is on tonight and the synopsis is below.

Watson’s new life is never dull – after all, he’s sharing a flat with Sherlock Holmes. But solving mysteries won’t pay the bills. The trouble is, though, that Sherlock’s idea of a visit to the bank is not quite what Watson had in mind.

Mysterious ciphers are appearing on walls all over London and anyone who sees them is dead within hours, from the glittering financial hub of the city to the heart of a travelling Chinese circus. Sherlock and Watson must decipher the deadly symbols before anyone else falls victim to the mysterious Black Lotus.

Sherlock airs at 8.30pm on BBC1 and BBC HD (it looks like the show has also inherited Doctor Who’s weekly time swap syndrome).