Series 9 Forecasting: Reasons to Be Excited

Guest contributor Anna Rinaldi explains.


Conditions are looking cloudy with a chance of Cyber-rain.

As many of you Internet scavengers and comic-con attendees (envious glare in your general direction) should know by now, the release of a tantalising trailer has revealed Series 9 to be just around the corner (ish). During a seven month hiatus of tiny, allusive quips about what might come, this 90 second blast of footage has reawakened our outlandish speculations and sent us craving for another glance, further exacerbating the very prolific, incurable disease known as acute Whovianitis.

Even though a teaser trailer provides only a taste of what is to come, the slightest bit of dialogue or an infinitesimally brief cameo can provoke much controversy, manifesting in an emotional maelstrom among the masses simply because “IT’S NEW DOCTOR WHO!” We’re about to be sucked into a fresh adventure with unspeakable, never-before-seen terrors, and the trailer is only where the fun begins. All of time and space, and we’ve only seen one minute’s worth. Think of the 9-hour saga waiting to unfold… in two months (*sigh of defeat*). If only we had a time machine…

Despite lacking the necessary materials to hop two months into the future, we still have our inductive reasoning and mind-numbing fandom hype to stave off an undeniable hunger for more. As always, this mystery-shrouded Doctor Who teaser has spewed forth a torrential load of juicy details to sink our teeth into. Our hopes may be dashed, but anticipation is half the fun. With that said, here are a few Series 9 prospects, highlighted by the official teaser, that you should be a wee bit excited about (just a bit).

A Timey-Wimey Trio


Behind the scene snapshots and snippets from the trailer have shown Missy strolling alongside Clara, standing shoulder to shoulder instead of face to face with a Cyberman in-between. It seems Missy may be an ally to the Doctor and his companion, and somehow an even greater threat has caused these forsworn “frienemies” to collaborate. Stranger things have happened in the Whoniverse, I suppose.

Series 7 and 8 have seen Clara and the Doctor tour the universe together as an epic duo, veering away from the threesome vibe that worked so congruously with Rory and Amy or Captain Jack and Rose. We will (hopefully) see the return of this dynamic in “The Magician’s Apprentice” with the Doctor, Clara, and Missy, allowing Moffat to flesh out Michelle Gomez’s mischievous Mistress. Missy may play a more complex role, establishing herself as the Doctor’s worst enemy and best friend, rather than the predictable Machiavellian psychopath hell bent on destruction of the entire universe. Don’t worry, though. They’ll be plenty of world domination mixed in with the fun and flirting.

Chilling New Villains


With sunken, hollowed eye sockets and an inscrutable expression reeking of evil, these villains haunt the Series 9 trailer more than once. Introducing new villains is nothing new in the Whoniverse, but the disturbingly undefined facial features and menacing prowess communicated by this creature’s abysmal gaze has me thoroughly adrenaline-pumped with visceral fear. These eyeless creatures couldn’t help but remind me of the implacable stare reflected in the empty child’s gas mask, only this time they may not be so innocent underneath. What exactly will their supernatural capabilities and intentions be? Nothing benign, for sure. Once this menagerie of jaw-dropping horrors hits the airwaves, I’m looking forward to diving behind the sofa and letting my nightmares lull me to sleep.

Voluntary Hugging


In a post-conflict moment of overwhelming relief, the Doctor sweeps Clara into a twirling embrace, grinning in sheer joy that she’s alive — a bold move for the man who averts hugs or any demonstration of affection thereof. This action speaks volumes about the Doctor and Clara’s potential character development and the glory years to come, as two best friends form a bond across time and space. It may also indicate a devastating event in store for the battle-worn pair, one that leaves the Doctor’s emotions raw…

The King of Cool


Slipping out his shades and strumming an electric guitar, the Doctor is in for some groovy apparel and rock-n-roll jiving. Perhaps the topsy-turvy Time Lord is exercising his recently-learned social etiquette, as taught by Miss Oswald, but failing at the subtlety. Or maybe he’s intentionally being humourous, a rare hobby for this cranky, Scottish Doctor. But Steven Moffat did promise him to be written funnier… Either way, a stylish Doctor in sunglasses is reminiscent of his quirky “bananas are good” or “bowties are cool” side and will surely crack a smile along the way.



In a flash the notorious pepperpots who have plagued the Doctor for all of his 12?, 13?, 14? lives appear for barely a second, but their presence is irrefutable. After the Daleks have made so many unsuccessful attempts at subjugating the human race, the most logical reason for herding them back on camera is a Time War/Gallifrey plot continuation. When will the Doctor finally return home? Perhaps a little rendezvous with Missy and a few Dalek acquaintances will shed some light on the situation.

A Mysterious Maisie Williams


From a reincarnation of Romana or Susan to a regenerated Jenny or earlier version of River Song, fans have mulled over this confounding clip snuck at the very ending, right when you thought the thrills and cryptic peeks were over. Just to throw my hypothesis into the mix, I predict she will be someone entirely new. A tribute to old characters would be nice, but some are just too obscure or disconnected from the current actors to be an exciting revelation. Besides, if she is a reincarnation, how would the Doctor be able to recognize her from facial features alone, as he does in the trailer? The episodes Williams appears in are purportedly entitled “The Girl Who Died” and “The Woman Who Lived”, so the answer may very well be in the title, hence the Doctor’s shock at a perceived dead girl from the first half of the episode being resurrected in the second. Perhaps the most gratifying part of knowing William’s identity will be the offended and utterly mystified looks on everyone’s faces (including my own) when Whovians realize their conjectures and long-winded guesses were off by a long shot.

Being too specific about hopes and wishes for Series 9 is certain to leave a disappointed, sour taste in one’s mouth, so let’s end this article by saying the trailer was packed with daring adventure and glimpses of the epic, more action-infused series in the making. With a Doctor already introduced and familiarized with the role, the sky, moon, stars, and distant galaxies are the limit. Allon-sy!

After watching the newly-released trailer (multiple times, no doubt), what are you anticipating the most in Series 9? Full permission to SQUEEEEEEE in the comments section below.