Series 8 Launch Trailer Breakdown

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So here we go again for the first time this year! Let’s waste no more time and take an in-depth look at the first full length trailer for Series 8.

Note: The following will be based on casting, filming, rumours and plain old speculation. This will not contain spoilers from the leaked episodes. In other words if you’ve been reading our “What We Know” post all year, you can safety read on.

On a final note, please don’t post spoilers or script extracts from the leaked episodes in the comments. Speculation is a huge part of the fun for many fans so if you know exactly what is happening, please keep it to yourself.


As the trailer opens we see several surreal scenes including this angle of the TARDIS.


Figures can be made out in the distance if you look carefully here. At first glance there’s a Teselecta similarity but it could match up with the Dalek eye seen seconds on.


As with several TARDIS shots in this trailer, it’s hard to tell if these are specially filmed trailer scenes or part of an episode.


This one definitely isn’t actually from Series 8, rather Jenna Coleman’s reaction to the news that almost half the episodes had leaked.


A fading Dalek eye. We soon hear ominous Dalek sounds and a voice stating, “Life returns”. This must be from episode 2, Into the Dalek. A story that is rumoured to do exactly what it says on the tin.


A great panning shot of the TARDIS console. As we can see there have been some changes since we last saw it. The lighting is much warmer and it the Doctor has “put up some shelves.” He must have been in a pinch.


Clara: “I don’t think I know who the Doctor is anymore.”

– Tumblr, Christmas Day, 2013.


As filming revealed, Capaldi will be wielding the same Sonic Screwdriver that Eleven did.

Not pictured: merchandise men crying.


The Dalek-esque voice says “Life prevails” as the 12th Doctor does his best Earth Song reenactment.

Again, it’s hard to tell if this is a specially filmed scene or part of an episode.


A blurry shot of the TARDIS flying through space in what looks like a re-used scene. More on that later.


“I’m the Doctor…”

When Capaldi tells you this, you’d really believe him. Notice what looks like Victorian attire here, likely the opener Deep Breath.

“…I’ve lived for over 2000 years…”

According to Capaldi, 2,055 to be precise.


Originally rumoured to be Jack the Ripper in the opener, this half-faced villain is guest star Peter Ferdinando.


This robot we first saw back from filming earlier in the year. This is thought to be from episode 6, rumoured title, The Caretaker.


The freaky eye agenda continues.


Filming reports lead us to believe this lovely alien is from episode 5, Time Heist, possibly in a bank vault of some kind.