Series 8 Filming: Capaldi in Action!

Filming on Series 8 of Doctor Who continued on Monday evening with scenes taking place outside in Cardiff at Mount Stuart Square.

Peter Capaldi was spotted on set filming a scene on a horseback though the Victorian streets. He wasn’t wearing his yet-to-be-revealed costume though. Instead he was in a Victorian nightgown (Capaldi assured fans this was not his costume!) Looks like the Doctor might require a little nap post-regeneration, and then suddenly he’s called into action.

Pic by Ryan Farrell
Pic by Ryan Farrell
Pic by Fangirl Quest
Pic by Fangirl Quest

Video of Capaldi on the stunt horse:

A video of Capaldi’s stunt double riding the horse:

The Paternoster gang were also present, or in fact doubles posing for them, with Strax getting in on the action in his latest outfit.

Gallery here.