Series 7 Returning Monster Revealed

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It appears another returning monster has been revealed for Series 7.

Yesterday’s filming saw a slightly surprising turn of events as Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill were seemingly called out of “retirement” to film Doctor Who again. The pair were back at the familiar Pond household on Church Road. It is thought they were filming pick-up shots for episode 4, Cubed.

Now for the more exciting part, and yes, the pic should have made it obvious by now.

After filming, an Ood costume and parts, including the trademark translation sphere, was spotted being carried away from the location by a crewmember.

What an Ood is doing in Amy and Rory’s house and how bigger part it plays in the story is anyone’s guess right now.

Could this be just a cameo, or perhaps the Ood have something to do with the mysterious black cubes that have fallen to earth?