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Series 7 Part 1 Episode Hints & Details

The latest issue of SFX magazine features an interview with Steven Moffat and some new details are revealed.

[Thanks to Doctor Who TV contributor David Selby for the summary]

Asylum of the Daleks

  • The whole “All of the Daleks” thing was mainly for publicity, the huge collection of the Daleks isn’t really what the episode is about
  • The mag also features a picture of the mysterious Dalek “agent” Darla (Anamaria Marinca)

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

  • Moffat knew fans wouldn’t be keen on the title
  • The episode isn’t a proper drama, just a nice light-hearted episode
  • There’s a T-Rex!

A Town Called Mercy

  • Doctor Who was just perfect for the wild west, and Matt Smith was just perfect for a horse!

The Power of Three

  • The episode takes place over the course of 1 year
  • It is told through the Pond’s perspective of having a Mad Man with a Box turn up on your doorstep all the time and how that affects you

The Angels Take Manhattan

  • Moffat has had the idea of Amy and Rory’s exit from the very start, and also knew how the episode would end for a long time – and this will be ‘noticeable’ when we watch the episode
  • Moffat doesn’t have a mythology for the Angels, he thinks it would spoil them
  • Moffat has more ideas for the Weeping Angels. There might be an episode in future about someone being chased round a house by a single Weeping Angel
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