Series 7 New Companion Clues

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Clara in The Crimson Horror

Have we received a big clue on the new companion and where she might be from?

This post may contain spoilers.

Filming has now begun on Jenna-Louise Coleman’s debut episode, the 2012 Christmas special. Early reports from the set are indicating that the episode may be set in the past, with Victorian-era costumes spotted.

As many of you following the filming recently will realise, the second half of Series 7 appears to feature more than one episode set in the Victorian era. A coincidence? It seems a little strange the TARDIS keeps arriving in this time period.

So could this point to Clara actually being a companion from the past? This goes against the other rumours, but it’s food for thought.

Reliable set reporter Ryan/Timeboy also spotted Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh) once again. We already know Vastra is returning later in The Crimson Horror so this is another interesting development.

Could Vastra have some connection with Clara? Perhaps those Daily Star rumours were right after all…