Series 7 Mysteries: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

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Guest contributor Shay Hatchard ponders over the latest mysteries.

“Run you clever boy…and remember.”

Series 7 of Doctor Who has left many fans speculating, desperate to know the truth about Clara and uncover the mystery behind ‘the impossible girl’. Each week i’ll be taking an in-depth look at each episode, as we examine the evidence we’ve been given to try and piece the clues together.


Last week’s episode ‘Hide’ provided a few more intriguing teasers – some which go hand in hand with the question raised in this week’s episode. Once again, the ‘fight’ between Clara and the TARDIS was picked up once again, with one of my favourite scenes in this series. Yes, I wrote in my previous article that the TARDIS based the interface on something “she’d seen” but I was proven wrong by many commenters learning that it was actually “most esteem.”(Which suddenly make the whole scene make more sense.) The psychic of the manor also pulled up two particular quotes; first warning Clara of the Doctor and the ice in his heart, before going on to answer the Doctor’s question on Clara telling him she was just a perfectly ordinary girl.

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The Last Great Time War


This fascinated me. Not only were we treated to a majestic library as beautiful as a palace, Thompson also took on the job of allowing Clara to read the history of the Time War. Goodness knows what sort of stuff she might have found out in her quick glance, however we do know that she came across the Doctor’s name!

CLARA: So that’s who…

His name! His actual name! This actually really hyped me up on how close it was to being released this episode, and how worried I am that Moffat actually will keep to his promises in this year’s finale “The Name of the Doctor”. It was also clever to later find out that this was all just flipped in the space of a minute so that none of these events happened – with Clara having no idea that she’s the “Impossible Girl” or that she knew the Doctor’s name.

The Woman Thrice Dead


Did the Doctor seriously just change the future again? When we found out that those horrible looking zombies hidden in the centre of the TARDIS were actually reproduced versions of the burnt-out Clara, I was sure to heaven that fan’s theories of Clara dying for the third time were going to be true! But oh no, in some plot twist she somehow survived a fixed point in time. If Amy and Rory can’t come back (sob) how can she survive death over and over again? Or maybe she didn’t die? Or maybe she did?