Series 7 Mysteries: Hide

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Guest contributor Shay Hatchard ponders over the latest mysteries.

“Run you clever boy…and remember.”

Series 7 of Doctor Who has left many fans speculating, desperate to know the truth about Clara and uncover the mystery behind ‘the impossible girl’. Each week i’ll be taking an in-depth look at each episode, as we examine the evidence we’ve been given to try and piece the clues together.



As promised by Jenna-Louise Coleman earlier last week, Hide presented a little face-off between Clara and the TARDIS; first by Clara suggesting it was ‘staring at her’; the TARDIS not letting her enter twice during the episode; and also the banter between the TARDIS interface and Clara. I don’t know if this is just me over-analysing things, but didn’t the TARDIS say that the interface is made up of someone ‘she’s previously seen’? I mean, maybe the interface could just have been made up of herself. Maybe I’m just looking too hard… or not.

And what’s going on with Clara’s confidence? She seemed very capable of riding the TARDIS straight into battle this week, or was that the TARDIS auto-pilot kicking in? Or does she actually know how to fly the machine? How?

The Psychic


Throughout the episode, the thing that most intrigued me the most was the psychic, Emma Grayling. First of all she warned Clara about the Doctor saying he had a “sliver of ice in his heart.” This darker side to the Doctor seemed to have been forgotten about for this second half of the series, until now. She was told she can’t trust him…

Also, does Grayling know more about Clara then she’s letting on? After all, at the end when the Doctor asks her what she can detect from Clara, she passes it by quickly saying she’s just a perfectively normal girl. Maybe there really is nothing wrong with Clara… nothing that can be detected anyway.

I could nitpick Hide for hidden clues all day! Such as Clara’s throwaway line “Sticks out like a…big chin!” Maybe a reference to Oswin in Asylum of the Daleks? I don’t know!

What do you think of the mystery so far? Let us know in the comments below.