Series 7 Mysteries: Cold War & Looking Ahead

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Guest contributor Shay Hatchard ponders over the latest mysteries.

“Run you clever boy… and remember.”

The return of Doctor Who has left many fans speculating, desperate to know the truth about Clara and uncover the mystery behind ‘the impossible girl’. Each week, i’ll be taking an in-depth look at each episode, as we examine the evidence we’ve been given to try and piece the clues together.


Last week’s blockbuster ‘The Rings Of Akhaten’ saw some intriguing developments, but nothing too major. We dipped into Clara’s history to uncover the reasoning behind her special leaf, and we also learnt that the TARDIS seems to have a little bit of a problem with the Doctor’s latest assistant… perhaps pointing at this ‘face-off’ were promised, in ‘Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.’

Cold War

doctor-who-cold-war-promo-pics-(26)Regrettably, ‘Cold War’ was so busy re-introducing the Ice Warriors (and what a fabulous introduction to NuWho it was!) that there was no time to develop the ongoing storyline with Clara Oswald. As the closing credits fell, I found myself pondering what I could possibly write about. So, as a little sidestep this week, I will be taking a look to the future, on what I believe the remaining episodes to hold.


series 7 part 2 gallery 1 (13)Once again, I believe ‘Hide’ won’t reveal too much on who this girl may be, but I think a few intriguing clues may be thrown in. Take this quote for one:

CLARA: “So, I am a ghost. To you. I’m a ghost. We’re all ghosts to you. We must be nothing.”
DOCTOR: “No, you’re not that.”
CLARA: “Then what are we? What can we possibly be?”
DOCTOR: “The only mystery worth solving.”

Now, doesn’t that look like the Doctor might have FINALLY got round to informing Clara on the whole ‘impossible girl’ business? If so, it feels like things might be pushed along a little bit.

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

series-7-part-2-spring-2013-trailer-(12)Probably the most hotly anticipated of the series. We’ve been teased that we’ll see more of the TARDIS then ever before; that Clara is ‘lost’ inside; and that she and the TARDIS have a small ‘face-off’. It was also revealed in a quote from DWM that the Doctor sets his own prized possession on self-destruct – promising only to lift the charm once Clara is safe and sound by his side. It seems Eleven is becoming very over-protective of Clara… maybe because she’s the only thing that keeps him moving in the universe? It also seems likely that a bit of a bombshell will be dropped onto this episode too, with Clara discovering the greatest secret of the TARDIS… I think nobody needs to worry about development on this front.

The Crimson Horror

doctor-who-series-7-part-2-bbc-2013-trailerNow this episode could be interesting. I predict that when the infamous Pasternoster Gang return, disagreements may be caused between the trio and the Doctor for delving into the past, desperate to know – just like the rest of the world – how Clara could be living in three separate streams of time, with no memory of the previous. I think this is when the mystery behind Clara will really be placed front and centre…

Nightmare in Silver

series-7-part-2-coming-soon-trailer-(43)While Gaiman may be busy re-introducing a new take on the Cyberman, as this is the penultimate episode, I think a few surprises won’t be amiss. If we look at the previous penultimate – the Series 6 episode ‘Closing Time’ also happening to be a Cybermen story trivia fans – that landed with such a gripping cliffhanger, leading straight into the finale. Now, if Moffat wants to take his usual trolling journey, we can expect a fantastic adventure, finishing with a couple of closing scenes that shock and surprise us.


series-7-part-2-spring-2013-trailer-(17)I really do like this title. Now this is the episode where everything kicks off. We have the mystery of Clara to wrap up, the imposing gravestone of ‘ONG”s as well as the Doctor’s greatest secret to be revealed to the entire universe. I for one am hoping for this to be set on the Fields Of Trenzalore, because as much as I do not want Matt leaving at the end of 2013, I am becoming ever so tired of the whole Silence arc. I am enjoying it, but I really need it to just be answered and get on! My other prediction for the episode is one many of you might not have contemplated that when River returns she’ll know EXACTLY who Clara is…

And that is it for this little sidestep in my usual analysis of the episode. What are your predictions for the remainder of the series and its mysteries? Let us know as usual in the comments below.