Series 7 Finale Round-up

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The Doctor Who Series 7 finale wrapped filming last weekend. Details are slim, but here’s a round-up of what we know so far and a few rumours.

Spoilerphobes should read on with caution.

Saul Metzstein confirmed himself as the director of the episode on Twitter. He previously worked on Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, A Town Called Mercy and the upcoming Christmas special.

The first piece of casting was revealed. According to his talent agency, Michael Jenn is playing someone called Clarence. No further details on the character are known.

There have been reports that Alex Kingston, who was announced in October to be returning again as River, was spotted filming in Cardiff. There are also rumours that Richard E Grant will be back as Doctor Simeon.

Matt Doman revealed he will be playing a new monster. A now deleted tweet during shooting said:

Shooting the last ep of Dr WHO and my GOD it looks good!! New fantastic monsters and a VERY eerie and fascinating storyline.

And finally, treat this as a rumour for now (and a possible big spoiler if true), but there are reports that the finale will lead into the 50th anniversary. An actor doubling for Patrick Troughton was reportedly wearing his fur coat.

[Thanks to Scotty and Ruther]