Series 7 Filming: Who you gonna call?

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There was more Doctor Who filming going on yesterday, seemingly from a couple of different episodes. We already reported on the some of it here. In addition to that, there were more pick-up shots for the fourth episode.

Mild spoilers follow:

Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill were not on set this time but the crew were filming on “Pond street”. The black cubes were back along with UNIT troops who advanced on the Pond household, guns raised.

All pics credit: Ryan Farrell

A close-up of one of the cubes.

Another completely different scene saw the Doctor making a call to Amy and Rory on the orange TARDIS phone.

He then proceeded to climb a ladder on the side of the TARDIS to change the bulb in the lamp on the top.

As the Doctor is changing it, he is still on the phone and leaves a message. An Ood in the Pond house seems to be the main reason for the call.

Part of the dialogue: “Ponds, it’s me again…Hello…,” He then apologises for something.

“…The helmic regulator is playing up – it was hit by an arrow!”

It is unclear what episode this takes place in, it may not be for episode 4. It is thought it could be a bonus scene for the DVD.

See more pics in the slideshow below from Timeboy:

[Thanks to Ryan for the details and pics]