Series 7 Filming: Who is Melody Malone?

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Pic: Mugim0e

Filming on Series 7 continued yesterday night at the Glamorgan Building in Cardiff for the fifth episode.

This post may contain mild spoilers.

Alex Kingston, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Matt Smith’s double and guest star Rob David were part of the scenes.

A prop newspaper appears to place the parts they shot around the year 1938.

Reports confirm, as suspected, that River will be posing as a gangster called Melody Malone. This is the name of a book (diary?) Amy and the Doctor read in several scenes. River meets Rory in one scene and he asks her, “How did I get here?”

Another features Amy showing concern over River who seems distant.

Pic: Mugim0e

In another scene, the Doctor shouts, “Got it! It’s in a place called Winter Quay! The car!”

There was also an interesting new prop in the form of statues of a mother and child on a plinth. Perhaps new Angels? Onlooker Will Brooks said, “they’d shot some scenes of an American guy crossing the street in the rain to look at the statue. They then took away the woman part of it, leaving just the child, and took some more shots of it with the fake rain on.”

Pic: Mugim0e


Some videos of the action by Simon Watkins: