Series 7 Filming: UNIT Return in Episode 4

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Pic: Mugim0e

Filming on the fourth episode of Doctor Who Series 7 began this week and a familiar organisation will be making an appearance.

This post may contain very mild spoilers.

Shooting has today been taking place on Church Road, Penarth. One of the most interesting things to come out of the reports so far is the return of UNIT. They were spotted wearing armoured gear and entering a house.

Pic: Mugim0e

Another scene features the Doctor inside the house whilst a large bang went off inside.

More pics by Mugim0e:

Shooting has also taken place at the Glendale Hotel, although it was behind closed doors so there are no more details.

According to MrElevenses, who saw the front of the script, the episode will be called Cubed (possibly just a working title, if true). No photos though, unfortunately.