Series 7 Filming: Tudor City

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Last night, Doctor Who’s New York shoot continued in Tudor City with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill.

Possible spoilers follow.

The fifth episode appears to be part-set in gangster-era 30s, with two vintage cars and cast/extras dressed as gangsters on set.

It has been speculated that this is the time period Rory gets zapped back to after an encounter with the Weeping Angels, as discovered from filming last week.

Update: Rory gets held-up at gunpoint by a gangster who asks, “You’re Melody!?”

Pic by Whovian79

Picture gallery taken by Sean Matthew:

There’s a video of some of last night’s action:

As for River Song, Alex Kingston’s double turned out to be a man in a wig! River or “Melody Malone” is driving one of the vintage cars with the Doctor in the passenger seat!