Series 7 Filming: Look Who’s Back

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Pics: Ryan Farrell

Doctor Who filming has been continuing in Cardiff today and 2 more returning characters have been spotted.

This post may contain spoilers.

As reported the other day, they are currently shooting episode 8 written by Mark Gatiss (rumoured title, The Crimson Horror).

Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman, Rachael Stirling were all on set once again.

Joining them are two more returning characters. First up is Neve McIntosh reprising her role as Madame Vastra (From A Good Man Goes To War).

Pics: Ryan Farrell

And here she is again dressed in a black veil.

And now for the most strange part – have you ever wondered what a Sontaran would look like dressed in a suit? Wonder no more..

Dan Starkey is reprising his role as Strax (again from A Good Man Goes To War). He’s alive and well here though.

[Thanks to Ryan Farrell]