Series 7 filming: Dial M

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Pics: Ryan Farrell.

Filming continues on the Mark Gatiss episode, The Crimson Horror (TBC), due in the second half of the Series 7 next year. As previously reported the episode appears to mostly take place in a strange 19th century village called Sweetville.

This post may contain mild spoilers.

Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman and guest star Brendan Patricks were on location filming yesterday. In the short scene Patricks’ character, Edmund and the town residents discover a dead body in the water.

Edmund: “It’s another one. Another victim! Don’t you see?! Why won’t anybody listen?”

The Doctor and Clara arrive on the scene and the Doctor says: “We’ll listen.”

A gallery courtesy of Ryan Farrell.

And a couple of videos:

[Thanks to Ryan Farrell]