Series 7 Filming: Back at the Ponds

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Pic credit: Mugim0e

The Doctor Who team appear to be shooting two episodes concurrently at the moment, with some scenes from the Series 7 opener filmed earlier today (confirmed by the clapperboard). The cast and crew were back at Bute Esplanade in Cardiff Bay. Possible spoilers follow.

Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill were on set filming outside the Pond residence. Amy and Rory wave to the TARDIS just outside their house.

Another scene points to some trouble in paradise for the couple as they start arguing. Rory storms out of house; Amy follows and yells, “I hate this!”

This could support the rumour that Rory won’t appear in much of the opener.

UPDATE: Short video added.

Pics by Mugim0e. Thanks to Krissy.