Series 7 Filming: Attack of the Cubes

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Filming on the fourth episode of Doctor Who Series 7 continued yesterday and there were some strange goings on down Bute Esplanade in Cardiff.

This post may contain mild spoilers.

Present were Arthur Darvill, Karen Gillan, more UNIT soldiers and later Matt Smith. It appears Mark Williams will have a recurring role as he was spotted on set again. As some of you may recall, he is playing Rory’s father, Brian. His appearance here means he is in both of Chris Chibnall’s episodes (2 and 4).

Now, here’s where it gets strange. As previously reported, the episode is believed to be titled Cubed and mysterious black cubes were spotted on set. Lots of them! They were scattered all about and on the cars on Amy and Rory’s street.

One scene involved Brian visiting the Pond household and he rings their intercom. Rory and Amy, who are in their nightwear, open the window above and ask, “Is it safe?” Brian looks around and sarcastically replies, “Yes, it’s safe!” He is holding one of the cubes in his hand and says to them, “What are you doing lying around for? Haven’t you seen them?”

In a later scene involving Matt Smith, the Doctor arrives in the TARDIS and ends up climbing a tree to investigate one of the cubes that is stuck on a branch!

Update: The photographer has requested the original pics removed from post. This due to users taking them from here and posting on other sites such as Tumblr without giving any credit back to the photographer.

Thanks to Simon Watkins.