Series 7 Convention Trailer Breakdown

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 A gang carries the Doctor…

 …And throws him to the ground.

 They all point their guns at the Doctor.

 Another lamp sparks.

“Anachronistic electricity, ‘keep out’ signs, aggressive stares – has someone been peaking at my Christmas list?”

Two robots seem to be guarding an area from episode 2. Could they be the rumoured Yetis, minus their outer fur?

Talk to the hand.

This shadowy figure is David Bradley, who is playing Solomon, presumably the villain.

He goes to attack the Egyptian woman with this interesting looking weapon.

A close-up of David Bradley. No, it’s not the first Doctor.

We’re not sure which actress is playing the Egyptian.

Rory and Brian strapped into some sort of machine. Could this be the controls to the robots?

Another shot of a gun-wielding Amy, along with Rupert Graves character.

 The Doctor rides the horse out of town.

 More shots of the snowy landscape.

 We’re not sure who this actor is, either.

More shots of the Doctor on horseback.

 The Doctor seems to be admiring those impressive looking robots, while Brian Williams is shocked by something.

 A full shot of the Reckoner.

 Amy looks a little disheveled here!

The Doctor is held-up by the Reckoner. Not only does he have a different jacket on, but he’s also got the full symbol on his face.

 A close-up of Adrian Scarborough’s character. His symbol seems more pronounced.

 The Reckoner prepares to fire. Who’s the target?

“Give me a Dalek any day.”

The Doctor lying in snow. Nearby a Dalek eyepiece which seems to be serving as a periscope.

Be careful what you wish for, Doctor.

A closer look at the eyepiece, which is from a Paradigm Dalek.


And that brings this first trailer breakdown to a close. After such a tanalising sneak peek, the long wait until Autumn is well and truly on!